Transform Your Organization with the Latest AI Technology

Become an AI-First Company, Ingrained Throughout Your Entire Organization.

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Customized AI Solutions

Your In-House AI Partner: Crafting Tailored Solutions and Providing Ongoing Support.


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Here are Examples of Use Cases

CEO Assistant

Great Expert, your dedicated assistant, is your go-to for everything. From contract management to insights on recent campaigns, it's just a query away.

Customer Support

Our "Great support" AI bots can answer customer questions, resolve issues, and provide support 24/7 in 20+language.

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Lead Generation

Bots can engage with website visitors, collect information, and qualify potential leads.

Employee Onboarding and Recruitment

Train Great Expert to become your HR and recruitment expert. Simplify the application process and find the right job applicants and streamline the recruitment journey.

Centralized Knowledge Hub

Establish a unified knowledge repository for your company. Search and access to essential information. From policies to procedural documents, it becomes the go-to resource, enhancing internal communication and decision-making.

Marketing Campaigns and Interaction

Utilize Great Expert for executing marketing campaigns, gathering feedback, and interacting with the audience across various platforms.

How it’s work

Step-by-Step Onboarding


Consultation (1-4 Weeks)

Together with your team, we identify the optimal use case for your company with an Great Expert.


Creation of Great Expert  
(4-6 Weeks)

We construct a tailored Great Expert, customized to streamline your workflow. The development process typically takes 4-6 weeks.


Launch and Ongoing Support

We launch Great Expert and provide continuous support to ensure you maximize the benefits.


GreatChat vs. Traditional AI SaaS

Experience Tailored AI Assistance Beyond Standard AI SaaS Solutions

We become your dedicated in-house AI team

Full Ownership of Your Data
We seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions
Continuous Support: Access our expert team whenever you need
Stay consistently updated with the latest advancements in AI
No Need for an In-House AI Team
Dedicated Expert Tailoring Unique Solutions for you
Benefit 2

GreatChat's Modular AI Approach

Since we build everything in modules, it's easy to upgrade to the latest in AI technology.

Data storage and information upload

You have full control of the data being stored and who has access to it within the company.

Seamless Integration

Easy to Implement new third-party providers like Slack and Zapier.

Stay Ahead with Modular Setup

Embrace the Latest AI Technology Easily as Trends Evolve

AI Chatbot

Transform Your business With Our Powerful AI Solutions

Contact us to schedule a meeting with an AI expert from our team who can assess your needs.

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Customer feedback that speaks for Itself

James Dicksson

Manager at Go all white

"GreatChat has revolutionized our internal information sharing. Having all the information just a question away has saved us thousands of hours."

Dennis Reed

CEO at Trijo

"We have start to use GreatChat for our  Marketing Campaigns and interaction with social media. It has streamlined our communication with the market, providing a cohesive approach across all channels."

Joan Wallace


"More informed decision-making is an essential component of running a successful business. With the help of a CRM system, companies can gather valuable data about their customers, which can be used to make informed decisions."

Dennis Barrett


"He moonlights difficult engrossed it, sportsmen. Interested has all besides it present if at an opinion visitor."