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AI Features for Exceptional Customer Experience


You don’t need to have technical skills or write code. Start with a GreatChat AI Assistance out of the box and uploadyour product and custom Knowledge Base.

API access for seamless integration

Embed your own GreatChat assistance with any other messaging app, live chat software or your own application using the GreatChat API.

Customer support chatbot

Automated human handoff

Our GreatChat Assistant will automatically hand the conversation over to your support staff upon user's request or when it fails to find answers in your Knowledge Base.

Available languages

Our end-to-end GreatChat assistance offering is available in 20+ languages.


GreatChat GPT: Your Custom-Tailored Customer Support Solution

In contrast to alternative choices in the market that depend on integration with general GPT models, GreatChat GPT provides versatile and GDPR-compliant hosting solutions, granting you complete data control. All the while, it harnesses the innate, human-like language capabilities of generative AI.

Customer Support


Client satisfaction


Generated answers


Product updates


Customer Management (CRM) Integration

customer service more effective

The optimal approach to automating support is to consider the chatbot as the initial filter, not a total substitute.


Create and retrieve the status of cases.

In-App Messaging

Leveraging WhatsApp or alternative platforms for AI-generated responses

Live Chat

Juggle multiple chats per agent with ease. Collaborate live with your chatbot or ticketing system. Fully automate parts of conversations while keeping full control.


Integration with popular third-party tools

Support for every messaging channel. Let the chatbot create tickets for you.

Do we integrate with your systems?

We'll be happy to take the time with you to explore how GreatChat can integrate with your systems to automate large parts of your business.


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